[TheCGN.net]Events/PvX/Claim/Clans - Custom Maps


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Jan 12, 2023
Welcome to The CGN Open World Main server!
Our server can offer you a really active, kind, and helpful staff team with a dedicated developer and unique plugins which can be only found on our server and nowhere else! Some of the key features are highlighted below!

How to join us?
Besides searching for our server in the list, pressing F1 in your game client and paste the IP address.

Website: Discord:
Main features
-Very active, friendly, and helpful community, including owners & staff members with a dedicated developer
-PvX System, Defend yourself against Players and NPCs alike
-NPC Raidable bases
-Custom NPCs and Scarecrows
-Zombie bosses sneaking around when you don't expect it
-Extra Bradley APC's patrolling around
-Four levels of helicopters with different health: normal, hard, elite & legend
-Rewards for voting
-Welcome rewards for new players
-Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum ranks for players who support the server, including queue bypass and no purge
-Explorer/Apprentice/Loyal/Rusty playtime ranks for everyone based on their total playtime with monthly rewards

Special custom developed features
-Receive In-Game Currency for killing Helis, Bradley APC, Animals, NPCs, leveling up & playing the game.
-Reward Store to spend your In-Game Currency on the in-game goodies, personal airdrops, or monster vehicles
-SkillTree with Cooking plugin.

Special server events
-Scarecrow massacre
-Treasure hunt
-Various random events
-Defend your base
-Drone patrol

Premium plugins
-Cooking 2.0
-Furnace Levels
-NPC Raiders
-Plane crash event
-Raidable bases
-Skill Tree
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