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The Core Gaming Network is a open community to any person wanting to have a friendly atmosphere while still taking on challenging tasks, events, and PvP. We run several servers, and are adding more as we go. But the costs of servers does hit quite a bit in the wallet, So helping us with a monetary donation helps tremendously to keep our servers running, and adding new servers, or features to our already going servers.

All donations go towards the server costs, Plugin costs, addon costs, and so on. Any amount we have past the monthly goal will be kept until the following month and donated to a charity of choice if unneeded.

Costs so far (As of 10/22/2023):
  • Server Hardware:
    • Odin server (AMD Ryzen 5 5600x - 32GB Ram - 2x500GB NVMe) - $58/Month
    • Freya server (Xeon-E 2386G - 64GB Ram - 2x 512GB NVMe) - $123/Month
    • Fea server (AMD Ryzen 5 5600x - 32GB Ram - 2x500GB NVMe) - $58/Month
  • 10/Tbps DDOS Protection - $40/Month
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