Regarding being marked Hostile


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Jan 12, 2023
The safe zone aggro rules can be really confusing.

Regardless of where you are on the map, you will be marked as hostile for 60 seconds if you hit any of the following things with any weapon:
  • player
  • NPC (e.g., scientist)
  • animal
  • player-placed object / construction (e.g., wall, door, sleeping bag)
  • world-spawn container (e.g., roadside crates)
This will also happen if you break a barrel with a non-melee weapon (e.g., arrow). I've not personally tested this, but apparently even hitting the wall of a monument will have this effect. It might even go further than that, so for safety's sake, just assume that firing / shooting / throwing any weapon will have that effect.

If you perform any of those activities while in a safe zone or even while within line of sight and range of the turrets / guards in a safe zone, they will shoot at you.

If you perform any of those actions outside of line of sight / range of the safe zone turrets / guards but wander into LOS / range before the 60s is up and the little red crosshair in the upper right has gone away, they will shoot at you.

If any safe zone turrets / guards hit you as a result, you will be marked as hostile for 30 minutes. If you attempt to come back before the 30 minutes are up and before the red crosshair has gone away (when approaching safe zones), the timer will be reset back to 30 minutes again.
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