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    NA Myth of Empires 3x Server

    The CGN is well established across several Games, including Rust, Ark Survival Ascended, PalWorld, Conan, and more. find new friends to play with, or new enemies to battle for supremacy against. All servers are provided free of any cost to players, and all hardware is owned, maintained, and...
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    The Ark Command list (PvP and PvE)

    Hello Friends, Within our ark servers, we have several mods and plugins that provide many features and functions to our servers. These functions are things such as Status information, Shop access, Discord/Site linking, and more. You can find a list of all commands and what they do below. (I'll...
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    New year, New things!

    Hello Everyone! Happy new year to everyone, hope your holidays have been great, and you're eager to start the new year just as i am! With a new year, comes a new community! I have taken the last few weeks to look over suggestions we've received, input, complains, compliments, and just...
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    Starter Kits - Signup Egg - Dino Skins

    I am interested in adding the following mods to the PvP server: New Player Kits - A kit of basic harvesting items and base items to get a new player started. Only available 1 time per a month, or alternatively, only available once per a character. Signup Egg - Signup with the website, and...
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    New Forum AI

    Testing a new forums AI in this category, say hi to @MrBotters
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    Additional Mods

    I am Suggesting the following mods: Gryphons Mod - Adds the ability to have, breed, tame and ride Gryphons Backpack Mod - Adds a backpack to a player and reduces weight by 50% (VIP mod) Server Logo mod - Adds the servers logo to the bottom right of the screen for all players so they know where...
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    Ark Server is coming

    With the rerelease of ark we will be having a server for it as well as the new ark. If interested in helping keep the servers going, please be sure to donate! any amount helps and lets us keep things going!
  8. Build Your Own Lighthouse | Rust Chaser Circuit

    Build Your Own Lighthouse | Rust Chaser Circuit

    Build Your Own Lighthouse | Rust Chaser CircuitIn this Rust tutorial 101, I will show you how to create a chaser circuit in Rust. These circuits are used for...
  9. Raiding with Homemade Landmines | Rust Mine Guide

    Raiding with Homemade Landmines | Rust Mine Guide

    Raiding with Homemade Landmines | Rust Mine GuideSo welcome to another tips and tricks Rust video. This time we are covering the homemade landmines in rust b...
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    Upcoming Map and Server changes!!!!

    Hello Everyone! Scarecrow here, your server admin, with some updates on the next wipe's map, and changes coming to the server. Over the last few days/weeks, i have been working hard on the next wipes map, lowering the overall size of the map, while including Many new monuments and build areas...
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    Regarding being marked Hostile

    The safe zone aggro rules can be really confusing. Regardless of where you are on the map, you will be marked as hostile for 60 seconds if you hit any of the following things with any weapon: player NPC (e.g., scientist) animal player-placed object / construction (e.g., wall, door, sleeping...
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    3x FunServer|Monthly|Planes|Events|Levels|Territory - Procedure Map

    Monthly map wipes on Forced wipes (first Thursday of each month @ 19:00 BST/20:00 CEST) Discord: No group limit Connect: Server Rules: Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all players to play in. To achieve this, it is...
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    []Events/PvX/Claim/Clans - Custom Maps

    Welcome to The CGN Open World Main server! Our server can offer you a really active, kind, and helpful staff team with a dedicated developer and unique plugins which can be only found on our server and nowhere else! Some of the key features are highlighted below! How to join us? Besides...