New year, New things!

Happy new year to everyone, hope your holidays have been great, and you’re eager to start the new year just as i am!

With a new year, comes a new community! I have taken the last few weeks to look over suggestions we’ve received, input, complains, compliments, and just discussions that have taken place over the last year, and i am making some changes based on everything i’ve seen.

While all changes can’t be implemented right away, you may have noticed, and will notice, many changes to the design of the discord, how our servers are ran, When restarts happen, rules of the server, Additions to the server, and how we will make changes going forward. While below will not at all be an exhaustive list of all changes made, or going to be made, it is the most important points across our Community, and for each game server we have.

  • General Changes​
    • Adjustments to the Channels
      • Discord channels have been Adjusted and renamed, as well as icons added to give it more “Pizzaz”
      • Server statuses have been simplified and condensed to make them easier to view, and free up channel space.
      • More commands to use through our different CGN bots to allow you to pull up leaderboards, PVP stats, Talk to our Internal AI system and much more
    • Website changes
      • The Website will be undergoing some slimming down in a sense, mainly less features and more information given that most things happen on discord
      • More info, as above, i am going to be filling the site with far more information on the servers, commands, abilities, features and more so it is all centralized.
    • Player choice
      • I am going to be releasing a new Feature Vote system, to allow for suggestions to be made, and then voted on as to what would be added and/or changed to a given server. All players will have 1 Vote power, VIP Players will ave 2 Vote power
      • All changes made will only be implemented at Server restarts going forward, unless absolutely needed due to issues or game breaking.
    • New General Webshop for all games will now be in use
      • Tokens purchased in the shop can be used across all game servers to purchase game specific items, currencies, features, unlocks or so on
  • ARK Servers​
    • All ark server shops have been revamped into a the new shop system
      • Ark shops now use their own internal Credits/points that can be earned through playtime, Missions, trades, or purchased in packs using tokens
      • New Auction and trade system has been added to the servers
      • New shop is fully integrated with discord
    • Players can new use the new leaderboards system in discord to view Stats on each server including PvP, Missions, Shop points used, and more.
      • VIP Players can now port their in-game tribe chat to their own discords, not just tribe logs
    • Adding many new Dinos and Variants across all servers. These Dinos have been adjusted from their defaults of the given mods they are from to be slightly more balanced, and some have been totally disabled. We will monitor these dinos for any unBalanced attributes and adjust as needed. These dinos will appear naturally in specific areas that go with their type. Dinos added:
      • Basilisk
      • arkinos
      • Ravager
      • Snow Owl
      • Griffin
      • Jerboa
      • Mantis
      • Maewing(Milk Glider)
      • FeatherLight
      • Glowtail
      • Shinehorn
      • Roll Rat
      • Sinomacrops
      • Gasbag
    • New S-type Variant dinos. These dinos have Slightly increased Damage and movement speed, but lower overall health as well. They Glow, and come in cool colors. These spawn Super rare (Less than 1%)
    • New Shiney Dinos spotted. These Variants, like above, come with special coloring, names, and special abilities. These are far harder than any normal dino, so extreme caution should be used. More details regarding their abilities can be found here (Note not all abilities work as default)…ascended/pages/shiny-ascended/shiny-abilities
    • New Structures across all servers
      • New Cliff Platforms
      • New Forges
      • PvE Only Sky platforms for VIP players to build on
    • New HumanNPCs have been seen throughout the servers, Some seem friendly and may help you, others seem to have bases that need to be raided(Might have cool stuff)
      • Find, raid, tame, or destroy the new Human outposts scattered throughout the map.
    • New Missions system
      • Players can now take on Quests, as well as Daily and weekly quests, in all servers for rewards such as tools, Resources, Dinos, Shop points, and more!
    • New DinoBall carry system to allow easy transportation and storage (Very nerfed in PvP servers, long wait times and such)
  • RUST Servers​
    • New shop has been integrated with the Rust in-game shop. Tokens can now be purchased and used for in-game currency or unlocks
    • Rust server(s) will restart nightly once again

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