PalWorld Server rules

PalWorld Server Rules

PalWorld is a Pokemon-esk-type survival game, very similar to the game Ark. Players build, survive and capture "Pals" to take on Players, Dungeons, Bosses and the Syndicate.
To keep our server enjoyable for all players, and to allow new players to the server a chance, Below are some rules of engagement, anyone on the server must follow.

  • General Rules:
    • While we run both PvP and PvE, This is a friendly server, Dont be a Dick. (PvP, as of 01/25/2024, is not a function in the game. Our PvP server is set to automatically enable all PvP functions when this is possible.)
    • No Cheating, Exploiting, Hacking, or anything deemed a malicious "Glitch/Bug"
    • No Harassment, Trolling, Racism, Bigotry, Misogyny, or use of any hate group symbols or phrases. Keep it out of signs, names, guilds, tags, discord, or anything.
    • Signs/Billboards must be appropriate.
    • Griefing will not be tolerated
  • Server Specific Rules:
    • Structures, Benches, Boxes, and all other placeable objects must be placed in an accessible way. If it can be accessed by land, sea or air, then it is ok. It is up to the admin's discretion as to if a base is acceptable.
    • Walling off an area, such as Resources, Effigys, Start zone, or dungeon/boss is not permitted. Doing so will cause the server to team up on you.
    • Abuse or harassment of any player is not allowed by any means. Spawn/Door/Bag camping, Stalking specific players, Newbie killing, or anything similar will be a kick then ban if it continues.
    These rules are subject to change at the Admins discretion, to better the server
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    Jan 21, 2024
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