Monthly map wipes on Forced wipes (first Thursday of each month @ 19:00 BST/20:00 CEST)
No group limit


Server Rules:

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all players to play in. To achieve this, it is necessary that everyone adheres to our rules. Any form of abuse or violation of these rules will result in appropriate consequences. This could include warnings, temporary suspension, or permanent removal from our servers, depending on the severity of the violation. Our hope is that by working together, we can create a positive and respectful community where everyone can have a great time playing.

  • No toxic behavior
  • No racism of any kind: Text - Voice - Art etc.
  • No griefing others and/or their bases (Stealing, Placing deployables or building right up to their priv)
  • No disrespecting players or staff
  • No political banter
  • No talk of self harm
  • No advertising other servers or discords
  • No hidden foundations on VIP Elevators
  • No hacking - scripting - exploiting
  • No TC spamming large areas of land
  • No builds that are so huge it lags other players
  • No walling in of public monuments: Quarry - Gas Station etc.
  • No nudity on Signs visible to outside of your base
  • No threat of DDOS, DOX or any other unwanted behavior which could cause others harm
  • Primarily, don't be a dick.

Political Discussions should be light hearted and not become an argument

We respect all player's beliefs and opinions but this is no place to share, spread or discuss them. May there be a world wide crisis or not, keep your opinions to yourself on our servers out of respect for other people. This is a place to relax and have fun, not to cause drama. Thank you for your understanding.

If you cannot follow this rule you will be muted.

Rules for signs/art

  • No hardcore pornography or hentai
  • No gore / death
  • No beastiality
  • No loli / child sexuality
  • No racism / sexism / hate speech / antisemitic
  • No scat or other disgusting depictions
  • No self harm

Server Information:
Welcome to the world of Chaos with The CGN's 3x PvX Battlefield server. Primarily, this is a PvE Server, with specific server wide PvP times every day. Battle Both players for dominance, or the hordes of Zombies and NPCs roaming the land. Take on several custom events, and custom Bradly's and Helis throughout the day.

  • Loot and gather rate is 3x
  • Wipes occur on forced wipes (First Thursday of month)
  • Decay is 50% of normal
  • All VIP rewards are obtainable through play
  • PvP Times are every day between 10am-11pm (MST/GMT-6)
  • Monuments are always PvP
  • Planes are purchasable or found in airfield.

Basic Commands:
/welcome - Main Welcome page detailing basic server information, XP gain information, player stats, Raidable base statuses, and leaderboards.
/auth - Link your Discord and your game account, unlock rewards for connecting.
/clan - Find, Join, or create a clan for you and/or your friends
/shop - Brings up the shop GUI to purchase items.
/xpprofile - Brings up your player profile to level your stats/skills and see important information.

Rewards and VIP

Our rewards and VIP systems are designed to not overpower any one person, or lock any person out behind a paywall. While we do accept Real money for Shop purchases, or VIP, all items in the Webshop can also be bought within the in-game shop for the in-game currency. 

There are Several ways to obtain VIP:

  • Voting - Voting each day gets you "Vote Points" in-game and Credits in the Webshop by voting on the vote sites we are listed. Every 20th Vote point obtained in-game, you will recieve 7 days of VIP, This rewards stacks with any VIP already in use (Such as 30 Days, or our Trial VIP). Each vote also gets you between 10 and 100 Webshop points that can be used in the shop
  • Webshop -  You can purchase 30 days of VIP using your Web-shop Credits, Each purchase does stack (Purchasing 30 days then again a day later will be 30+30).
    • Credits for the web shop can be earned through Voting, Airdrops, in-game events, or community participation. You can also purchase Packs of webshop credits for Real money to help us keep our server running.
  • AirDrops - Airdrop soccur within our discord daily and allow players to win from 10-100 Shop credits to be used. All you need to do, is be in our discord and look for the Airdrop announcement and follow the instructions.