The Front rules of war

The Front Rules of war, are the Front server's Rules, both in general, and for raiding.

The Front - Rules of War

The Front is a PvP Based, Survivalist game, where players must not only survive the elements and the NPC's, but other players as well. While we encourage and support Player Versus Player fighting, Rules must be observed during any engagement.
In order to keep our server enjoyable for all players, and to allow new players to the server a chance, Below are some rules of engagement any one on server must follow.

  • General Rules:
    • While it is a PvP server, This is a friendly server, don’t be a dick.
    • No Cheating, Exploiting, Hacking, or anything deemed a malicious "Glitch/Bug"
    • No Harassment, Trolling, Racism, Bigotry, Misogyny, use of any hate group symbols or phrases. Keep it out of signs, names, guilds, tags, discord, or anything.
    • Signs/Billboards must be appropriate.
    • Griefing will not be tolerated
  • Rules of war:
    • Structures, Benches, Boxes, and all other placeable objects must be placed in an accessible way. If it can be accessed by land, sea or air, then it is ok. It is up to the admins discretion as to if a base is acceptable.
    • Wood Structures are off limits for raiding, this is to allow new players time to establish themselves in the server.
      • If the structure has raid protection (I.e. Beacon up for 24 hours and the structure has a raid window applied) The base is fair game during its raid window, regardless of it being wood or not.
      • Flag only bases, No matter the material they are made from, are open to raid. This is a mechanic of the game.
      • If you are raided, It is fair game to raid back. But we ask you first talk to the person to resolve and confusion that may have been on the attackers part.
    • All non-wood structures are viable to raid
    • Walling off an area, such as a Quarry, Start zone, or dungeon/town is not permitted. Doing so will cause the server to team up on you.
    • Abuse or harassment of any player is not allowed by any means. Spawn/Door/Bag camping, Stalking specific players, Newbie killing, or any thing similar will be a kick then ban if it continues.
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    Oct 18, 2023
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