Upcoming Map and Server changes!!!!

Upcoming Map and Server changes!!!!

Hello Everyone!

Scarecrow here, your server admin, with some updates on the next wipe's map, and changes coming to the server.

Over the last few days/weeks, i have been working hard on the next wipes map, lowering the overall size of the map, while including Many new monuments and build areas for everyone to enjoy!

Here are a few of the things with the new map:

  • 4500 Sized map, which is 1500 lower than the current map
  • Several new monuments:
    • The Great Sword - A Giant Sword has been slammed into the earth near the northern arctic research base. Beware the cultist who have moved into the area! To access the hidden treasure, you will need friends to open the doors.
    • Heavy Military Island - The miliary has shown up in force this map, Their heavy military island is home to 2 Bradly's, and many Light and heavy Soldiers to do battle with. Take on the Military for great rewards.
    • Military Trainyard - Fight through the military base, and hope you survive The King of the Night boss to control the Military Trainyard. This Train yard has many resources to gather, a Green and red door puzzle, and best of all, fully usable Coal tower to gather resources from trains.
    • Dirty Factory - Chemicals are not the only thing to worry about at this factory. With radiation surrounding the area, and a heavy contingent of Scientists, you'll be hard pressed to take on this Monument.
    • Sinking City - A city island that has been all but abandoned, is home to some of the left over office workers. They may not be the most powerful, but they will strip you of your 401k.
    • Shuttle Factory - Forces have invaded the Cobalt shuttle factory, and are attempting to take off to space. Stop them and win amazing prizes
    • Secret Base - Warning, No information available, Beware.
  • 7 Cave systems are included in the upcoming map, with several of them having HUGE build areas
  • ALL monuments are now custom filled with handmade NPCs. All NPCs are now themed to the monument they are on, and have appropriate weapons and attachments. Not all monuments are made the same, some are far harder, some are far easier.
  • All Bosses will now spawn on Monuments, with few roaming around.
    • Bosses at monuments are now far more powerful, Beware
    • Test your skills on roaming Bosses first, they are easier
  • New VIP Build islands are now in map, and will continue to be added in future maps. Any VIP players will have the ability to "Own" an island to build on. In future updates, we will make it possible for VIP players to "Open" their islands so they can be raided when wanted.
  • Overhaul of all Biome NPCs has been done, I've adjusted Damage, Health, Skins used, weapons used, etc. NPCs are progressively harder the more north you go on the map.
  • New Starting outpost now in the middle of the map to give more ability for new players to get started, rather than stuck on an island.

Now, with all the Map changes and additions, We also have several overall Server based adjustments.

  • As mentioned above, All NPCs have been overhauled, both in the general island, and on monuments
  • XP settings have been overhauled for the next map. NPCs now give more XP, Looting gives more XP based on what you are looting.
    • Basic barrels found throughout the map are the lowest amount, While Elite military crates, and hackable crates are worth far more
    • Monument NPCs also have increased XP, Basic (easier) NPCs are worth less, while more harder NPCs are worth more.
    • Boss's are now worth more XP
    • Finishing events provides more XP
    • Animals, depending on the type, give more XP
  • More Shop items to improve your XP gains, or Books to give XP are now in the /shop
    • These items also Drop from loot and NPCs, they are very low rate
  • VIP has been added to the /shop for a very high price. While you can Purchase VIP access via the web-shop (Which we highly appreciate to keep things going), You can now purchase VIP through playing on the server.
  • /Shop system has been overhauled. All items can now be sold or purchased directly between players using the Stock market system.
    • Stock market system increases or lowers prices based on the Supply/Demand of the server, changing every X minutes on the server
    • Players can make Both Sell and Purchase orders at the price they want
    • Server will purchase resources from players at adjusting rates
    • More items have been added to the Shop system in general
  • Bases will now have the following:
    • If a player has not registered with Discord, and is not a VIP, They will have 48 hour Raid protection, After that point, the base can be marked "Abandoned" and be raidable by other players, and taken over
    • If a player is Registered with Discord, but is not a VIP, They will have 3 days of Raid Protection (72 Hours). After that point their base will become "Abandoned" and raidable by players
    • If a Player is VIP, they will have 7 days of protection. AFter that point their base will be marked abandoned and raidable my players.
    • Raid Protection can be extended be purchasing Protection with in-game currency. We will also be adding a "Monthly" raid protection to the Donation shop.
    • If a base is marked abandoned, any player may attempt to take it over by using the /sar command, and /sar convert once they have destroyed the TC
  • Personal NPCs and Personal Pets
    • Personal NPCs have been adjusted to now have the ability to Drive planes, Helicopters, and raid bases, while also still being able to gather and farm resources, or protect their owner.
    • VIP get a permanent NPC while they are VIP, Non-VIP must purchase their Personal NPC
    • Personal NPCs can be purchased via the /shop. VIP also has the ability to use the /pnpc command to summon their permanent NPC
    • Personal Pets are only available Via the Tamer Skill, The tamer skill is obtainable by registering with discord using /auth or becoming VIP
  • New Territory system is in place, In order to claim a territory, you must PURCHASE the TC that is in the /shop
  • Zombie hordes have been reigned in a bit, you may see less zombie hordes, but they can still get very large
  • Random NPC raids has been adjusted, If you kill more than 200 NPCs you have a 30% chance to be raided. If you find flares on the ground for raids, BEWARE, they will call a raid onto your base, be prepared.

That is most of the changes made to the new map and the server settings as a whole. I may have missed a few things, i've been putting a lot of time into the changes to make sure they are balanced, fun, and interesting to make the server better.

As always, if you have suggestions, please post them in the Suggestions forum

Posted on August 25, 2023 by Scarecrow