Omg the NPC's are smurtur!!!!

Rust - Loot Table September 14, 2023

The Final phase of the NPC overhaul has been completed! After giving all the NPCs new guns and cloths, and then realeasing them on the monuments and Biomes, I've decided to give them some better intellegence aswell! I have also made some Changes to the Raidable Bases system which includes spawn changes, Difficulties, added new boat bases, and PvP Bases are now actually PvP. I have also started adding in new Packs unlockable from the webshop.


  • NPC Changes
    • New AI Pathing and Mesh navigation system, AI will now play better with custom areas
    • Adjusted Skins, guns, HP, and accuracy across all NPCs. Some Monuments are now much harder, while some are easier, it all depends on size and complexity.
    • Depending on Monument and location in biome, NPCs are now worth more, or less, XP. Harder monuments, means more XP, easier, means less.
    • New Spawn system to allow for Parachuting NPCs has been added, keep your eyes on the sky!
  • Raidable Bases Changes
    • PvP Bases now act like PvP areas, Your backpack can drop if you die, same with inventory. They also can be looted, so be sure to partner with someone you trust.
    • Bases now will only spawn on a schedule, they will no longer maintain a set number of bases at any time. This is to encourage purchasing bases.
    • New Boat bases and Underwater bases havebeen added, with very very very different raiding style
  • Raid Protection changes
    • Cost changes have been increased across the board to take into account Ranking ability and stat benifits.
    • 120 hours (5 days) max can be purchased for protection
  • Misc Changes
    • New Packs added to webshop, These unlock kits that are available to use in-game. Basic and Premium version of each kit, Premium version costs in-game currency due to what they give.
    • TugBoats now have turrets, go have some ship battles
    • New resources packs coming to web-store, these are based  on the market price in-game for the given resources and update every 20 minutes.

New PvX, Stock market, Packs

Rust - General Changes September 6, 2023

With the new wipe, I am including a new type of Raid protection system, and new player economy, Which means a new form of play.

PvP and you

Leveling to level 200 gives you the option of "Ranking" up, and going to the next Prestige rank. These ranks give your stats and abilitys a far greater benefit, and requires you to go up 200 levels again with each ranking. There are a total of 13 Ranks in all. While a player is leveling their first couple ranks, They are protected by what is called the "Abandoned Bases" system, which fully protects a players base while online and off, and only falls off when a player has not been online for a set amount of days. This protections depends on if they are registered with discord, or are a VIP. Once it falls off, The base becomes "Abandoned", and each day it will convert to an abandoned base that can be raided, and/or claimed by other players, or reclaimed by the owner if they come  online to do so in time. If none of that happens, it will despawn after 3 conversions (Days).

However, Once a player reaches rank 4, They lose the protection of the Abandoned system, and then must pay for Raid Protection. The cost comes from the players economic balance in-game, So you must make sure you have the money to pay, or you may lose your base. As the player goes up in rank, the Protection Costs more, and protects you less, So be sure that your base is well fortified. (Note: Raiding is still not possible outside of PvP times, and players bases are protected.)

Protection levels are as follows:

Rank\Cost Online Protection(dmg reduced) Offline Protection(dmg reduced) Hourly Cost per auth'd user Hourly Cost per Floor Hourly base Cost Cost per Damage

Rank 1

100 100 100 1 1000 5
Rank 2 90 95 200 5 2000 10
Rank 3 80 90 300 10 3000 15
Rank 4


85 400 15 4000 20
Rank 5 60 80 500 20 5000 25
Rank 6 50 75 600 25 6000 30
Rank 7 40 70 700 30 7000 35
Rank 8 30 65 800 35 8000 40
Rank 9 20 60 900 40 9000 45
Rank 10 10 55 1000 45 1000 50

Please note, that these are not file numbers and will be changes as we go to see how they well they work. But i figure by rank 4, a player should have a decent base, and good resource pool.


Stock market masters

Players can now play the market! Why stock pile tons of resources, with nothing to use them for? Why not sell them to others, or even sell them to the server for some much needed cash! Force your clan mates to do the farming to keep your giant base going, or use the extra money to buy stuff you need from other players, or get that VIP Access you've been wanting!

Useing the /shop , menu players can now access not only the in-game shop system, but the stock market to sell resources, items, attire, and much more! Dump your unneeded wears and fill up your now empty boxes all over again! You may now also purchase skins using the `/skins shop` menu, these are one time purchases, and prices will change consantly, so you may purchase a skin worth a little one day, and be able to sell it back when its much more expensive! Players may also sell other itesm using buy and sell orders in teh stock market system.


Packs and You

Have you ever been running naked in a forest while a wolf is chasing you and some random dude is shooting at you while you run by, and just say to yourself "Man, i wish i had a gun, and some cloths, and maybe some ammo". Well, Dont you worry, Packs are coming to the Web shop! These one time purchases will get you access to different Kits that will give you that little boost when fighting against a horde of zombies, or trying to tame the Spider monument (Spoilers i suppose?)

As always, Any questions, just give Scarecrow (Me) a message. And thing about purchasing some credits in the webshop, any thing purchased helps the server keep going.

New Skin Shop

Rust - General Changes September 3, 2023

The Skin Shop has been added. You can access it by using the following commands

/skin - Bring up the Reskin menu to add a skin you've purchased to an item or deployable

/skin shop - Brings up the skin shop where you can start your skin collection purchase!

NEXT MAP - Rewards and New referral system

Rust - General Changes September 1, 2023

With the new map and upcoming forced wipe, i felt it was a good time to revamp the entire Battlepass, Vote rewards and the new Referral sytem. Here is a non-exaustive list of changes.


  • Added new Daily missions and additional rewards
    • New missions include Daily kill counts, Gathering quests, "Find this thing" missions and more
    • New rewards including XP boosts, Skill Books, Skinned weapons not available otherwise
  • Adjusted Pricing and contents of loot boxes
  • Added in "VIP" currency, This currency is only available to VIP players, and only usable within the BattlePass system

Vote Rewards

  • Increased number of reward teirs available to gain
  • Added in new Rewards
    • New 7day and 30day VIP rewards
    • New Resource pack rewards
    • Boosters, Skill Books, and Stat scrolls added to the reward teirs

Referral System

  • New rewards system added to in-game.
  • Rewards for referrals are given at both ends, to the referer and the referral.
    • Boosts, Books, Scrolls, Resources, and even VIP access are rewards

All changes will take place within this week and will be fully available at Wipe day.

More XP, More Currency, More Fun!

Rust - General Changes August 31, 2023

I have adjusted not only the amount of in-game currency a person gets from Looting, Gathering, Killing, Crafting, Building, Etc. But the amount of XP, and special "Happy Hours" with more increased XP and Currency Gains

  • Happy Hours are between 2pm-4pm Mountain standard time, Earn 4x more XP and Money
  • All NPCs have had their Kill reward adjusted to better represent the type of NPC, and for future maps, where the NPCs are spawned
  • All Gathering Rewards have been adjusted based on the "Tier" of the resource, and how useful it is
  • Less guns drop, But more useful ammunition do
  • You can now find XP Boosters, Skill Books and Stat Scrolls when Killing or looting now
  • More Currency for in-game events, For example, Space and Sputnik events are now worth up to $150,000 Currency. (Events are more worth while) 

Shop Overhaul

Rust - Plugin Settings August 31, 2023

I've completed a total overhaul of the Shop system. Now you can do the following:

  • VIP 30 Days access now available for sell using in-game currency
  • Stock market is now working. Create Buy and Sell orders between you and other players, or dump your unused resources and sell them to the server
    • Only Resources are able to be sold to the server, Check the "Server Sell Only" box to see what you can sell.
    • Placing items into your "Bank" in the stock market alow for Automatic sell of items if a buy order appears
    • Price changes based on Not only the number of players online, but also the demand(or lack of) of a given item will determin the Servers sell price.
  • Adjusted Gain raid for Rust rewards, More Economy points if in a group, and Happy hour between 2PM-4PM Mountain Standard time each day to earn 4 times Economy Points
  • Boosts added to the shop
  • Personal NPC price adjusted
  • Plane Prices adjusted

XP Changes

Rust - Plugin Settings August 30, 2023

We have adjusted the Stats and Skills of the following:

Skill Changes

  • Woodcutter
    • Changes Gather Rate lowered from .25 per level to .2 per a level. This means rather than a maximum Gather rate of x5, it is now x4. This is ontop of the servers base x3 rate
    • Changed apple change from .05 to .03, this means at max level there is a 60% chance of an apple.
    • Increased Bonus amount from .05 per level to .08 per level, This means you get 160% additional wood at max level, 225% more at max rank
  • Smithy
    • Increase Production Rate and Speed from 0.05 per level to 0.06 per level, giving an additional 20% at max level from 100%. Rank max is now 185%
    • Increased High quality metal amount by 2 per level from 1 per level. Maximum of 40 addtional at max level, 105 at max rank
  • Miner
    • Lowered Gather rate from .25 to .2 per level. Same as woodcutter, This decreases gather rate to x4
    • Bonus amount increased from .05 to .08 per level, This means you get 160% additional wood at max level, 225% more at max rank
    • Increased Metal Fragments amount by 2 per level from 1 per level. Maximum of 40 addtional at max level, 105 at max rank

Stat Changes

  • Dexterity
    • Lowered Block Amount percent from .05 to .04, This means at max level you block 94% of damage and 115% at max rank
    • Increased Block chance percent from .025 to .04, this means at max level you have a 80% chance to block
    • Lowered Dodge Chance percent from .025 to .04, This means at max level you block 94% of damage and 115% at max rank
    • Increased Armor Damage Reduction percent from .025 to .04, this means at max level you have a 80% chance to reduced armor damage
  • Might
    • Increased Armor from .05 to .06 which increases armor to 120% of health
  • Captaincy
    • Increased Skill boost % per level from .025 to 0.35, this increases all skill abilities for team members by 70% once at max level
    • Increased XP gain % per level from .025 to 0.35, this increases all XP gained for team members by 70% once at max level